Handpan Romania

Bucharest (Romania)

Bands/Solo Musician

First romanian project ever created on this instrument, "Handpan Romania" brings a new innovation in the musical landscape by putting forward a rare and original instrument whose haunting sound leaves no one indifferent: the hang or handpan.
Arthur (Handpan) is a confirmed drummer who has experience in groups and festivals and excels in his instrument. Nicolai accompanies him with traditional and african percussions (Djembe, Darbouka, Cajon, Drum on frame, Gong, Spiral stacker ...)
They are recently joined by the talented violinist Lisa De Meester who brings an extra traditional touch with her strings music instrument.
Really innovative, the concept is adaptable according to the configurations and can be both visual in a show in itself, modular with additional musicians (Trumpet player, DJ in Live set with electronic music ...) or totally intimate duo or trio with Didgeridoo outside or inside (reiki type relaxation sessions, yoga room, spas ...)

Music Festivals: Dakini, Waha, Sinaia Forever,
Other Venues: TedX Bucharest, Shut Up Beach, Promenada Mall, Forest retreat & Spa, Yolo Summer Bar ...