Mariachis Vera Cruz

Switzerland (Neuchatel)


In various configurations, ranging from 2 to 12 musicians + male singers and / or a female Singer, "Mariachis Vera Cruz" brings all the good mood, friendliness, and heat of Mexico.
From the most popular songs that can be sung by everyone (Besame Mucho, Espana Cani, Guantanamera ...) to traditional Mexican tunes such as "Corridos" (marches), "Rancheras" (waltzes) or "Boleros" (slows) the musicians create a light atmosphere conducive to encounters, complicity and celebration.

Whether it is for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, a Latino-themed wedding, to surprise guests at a birthday or corporate party, for a concert or as a complement to a mexican or "western" animation, Mariachis Vera Cruz set the tone for a successful event thanks to various instruments (harp, guitar, vihuela, trumpet, violin) and beautiful folk and traditional outfits.

Many private events (including weddings) and concerts in all Switzerland ...