Willy Budz


- Location: Geneva (Switzerland)
- Type: Reggae / Soul

Composed of 5 musicians (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard / trumpet, voice), Willy Budz project born in 2016 at the initiative of the guitarist and the singer, both friends since childhood and sharing a common passion for music.
Sailing between reggae, soul and hip hop, the group Willy Budz embarks us in his world tinged with Cuban melodies with jazz sounds, rock and funk filled of heat.
In constant search of sounds that bring people together and share the importance of values of unity, friendship, personal choices and hope,
it is with committed and poetic texts that they invite us to discover the world, of oneself and others.

References : Château Rouge (Annemasse), Chat Noir (Genève), Rooftop 42 (Genève), Fête de la musique de Balexert (Genève), Maison des Artistes (Chamonix), Café de l'Union (Monnetier-mornex), Festival des rencontres musicales de Thônex en 1ère partie de IWOKS et DANAKIL, Festival des Rockailles (Reignier), Tartine Festival (Chambéry) ...